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"Yeah that happens sometimes"
101 years old
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I've never really written a blog before, or really know how they work, but I think it could be a good place for me to get stuff out about my life n stuff.

Uhm, so my name is Birdie. I'm a pretty quiet person I'd say unless I really know someone, and I don't do many things. I think of myself as a useless background character. (not to be edgy there.) I spend a lot of time online, so you'll see me on and off here about every day. Hmm... I'm around the ages of 18 and 23, so I'll leave the guessing to you about that. Not going to lie, I'm an overly sad person, so consider this your warning about future posts, XD Uhm, I really do hope to be able to keep my page alive and well and not end up dying off like I have in the past. I've seen some super cool people on here that I hope to interact with sometime soon, so that's one reason for my pop up now

Until a future update, goodbye :)

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