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"Thats all it is, a leap of faith"
16 years old
United States
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the sad (trademark pending)


So I think I'm officially depressed for the first time ever. I've never felt this broken, like ever. Which is fun for sure. My doctor upped my prescription for the meds I take, which were originally prescribed for anxiety, so they aren't really doing anything. So she also decided to refer me to a psychiatrist! woooo. but that's gonna take a while, so I'm on a waiting list and it'll probably be a month before I even see a person for the first time, which my doctor says will likely just be a one time consultation but if I'm in the same headspace as I am now I'm not so sure they won't just. keep me. though that's probably super dramatic. I'm not that unstable but sometimes it feels like it. I won't ask for help but I probably need it, but I'm not sure what I would even ask for. I'm only even saying anything now because I'm pretty sure no one is going to read it, I'm actually counting on it.

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