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"hi :D"
13 years old
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hi again, ig ??!!1!

omg hi again, literally i'm so sorry again, i forgot to log in. I used to visit myspace everyday, at any moment, i don't know what happened :(. I really think because of homework, because i don't want to say it's my fault jishjka. While i wasn't here, i did my assignments, i made a lot of internet friends, i'm fighting with one of them (vanessa if you're seeing this, please forgive me, it has been three days :( ) i listened to a lot of music and i became a fan of ashe, txt and abba (obviously i did more thing, i'm just saying a few).
I really love them, their music is the best i've ever heard, i'm really happy with them :'D. By the way, did you know that abba is going to come back?!?! omg i'm so excited for that, they're coming back after 40 years omg. Right now i'm listening to their music, because i've only heard 'The Essential Collection', and in the album 'Thank You For The Music' there are 66 song. I have to listen to the remaining songs, but i have fun with that jkasjkh ^^. And about txt (it's a kpop group lol), my friend in real life recommended me listen to them, and now i am obSESSED WIth them. I already heard their four albums, and their other songs. In the group there are 5 members, and i really obsessed with Huening Kai, he's so pretty hEllo?? and with Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu and Taehyun, all of them tbh 🤚.
Ashe in literally an angel on this world, i know about her thanks to Niall Horan, i already heard her other 3 albums, but now with her new album i geT OBSESSED, her songs are oMg, my favourite song from the album is Not Mad Anymore, but i love all her songs cries.
Also i'm "learning" portuguese HSAHSHSAUHSJHJHSAHJ literally i'm trying because i forget to study. Two internet friends are teaching me, but i have to take duolingo classes, but i just dont't do it :-:.
I've missed you a lot guys 😔😔, i hope we still being friends ijasijs.

pics :p

me rn

me rn but with my maps, i really love my maps. they're so seggsy omg

i got a haircut lol, like a month ago

lots of love

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I have a cool map in my room


abba is awesome, i'm happy someone else appreciates them as much as i do
also, glad you're back! was wondering where you'd gone lol