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"your friendly reminder cringe culture is cringe "
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hi! I'm alex and this is my first official blog post :) this community already seems really nice! I think imma enjoy it here :> I also dragged one of my friends here, they have a school chromebook and this wasn't blocked, so it worked out!

we've spent the whole school day figuring out how to do things on here, so here's what we learned so far:

-change color/image of the background (this took forever xD, we figured out the code for the color but with the image part this site saved us: https://www.myspacegens.com/handler.php?page=tutorials&33=S)
-how to upload an mp3 file (i already knew how to do the mp3 since I have to convert them from youtube a lot)

and here's what we want to learn :D (any help would be appreciated):

-how to insert images in other places
-change the text color
-change mouse
-basically, be able to customize everything

alright, thats it for now! i'll blog my progress and some other stuff later!

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