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"u may be good looking but ur not a piece of art "
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🖤 thoughts during school 🖤

this is literally just gonna be thoughts and other things that are all written during school

07/12/20, period 6: Maths

i am so fucking bored, i was listening to music while trying to do revision and then the teacher starts complaining at me like ??? i’m doing the work??? i honestly hate it here, and that is why i am on here instead of continuing to do my revision work... because she (the teacher) has annoyed me... i might write some lyrics rn actually

08/12/20, period 1: maths

so i failed my music listening assessment teehee, i really thought i did well but no ma’am.. at least i like the teacher and i did well on the playing section, plus a B overall isn’t the end of the world :)
i think i’m gonna fall asleep in this class though because i barely got sleep last night so.. love this for me

period 2: maths

this class will be the death of me, it genuinely drains me

period 4: english

so... just got back my english formal assessment and i did worse than i thought :,( i thought i’d get a B but instead i got a C..
thought i was better at english but apparently not :/

i low-key feel like i’m always negative here but school just isn’t cute rn, at least i did well in ¡mi evaluación de lectura en español!

period 5/6: history

we’re watching a documentary about the history of glasgow, which is good as it means i can end the day on a chill note :))

11/12/20, period 2: Spanish

not me failing my listening assessment 💀 love this


i am finally done with my highers, if i don't get an A in english i swear...

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school sucks :( i hate math sm too legit spent the whole ass day self-studying my math lesson bc my teacher literally doesnt explain shit clearly even though she has an hour and 45 minutes in her period to do so </3 sending u loads of love n support to pull thru this school year !!


omg school is the worst right now, because of le pandemic we are having to do our first set of prelims early as well as trying to get as much evidence as possible which mean.. lots of work so its v stressful at the moment :( alsooo im in my second last year (which might honestly be my last year cause idk if i can stay in school a whole other year)


honestly school was terrible for me. im so glad i dont go anymore, and im CERTAINLY glad i havent had to endure school during covid. I'm assuming ur in ur last year (year 11) too right? how has that been like this year? i can only imagine how stressful its been :/