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"I meant every word I said from deranged to divine"
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Hot take #2

Even if you don't agree with someones beliefs and ideology, that doesn't give you the right disown, cancel, or hate on that person of the people you don't agree with. For an example, I know a lot of younger people like myself that have relatives that support a different political party. But these younger people are saying you have to disown them and move out. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS. We as people need to just get along despite our differences. Segregation is not the answer to anything. You can just say "I respect your opinion, do not agree with you". You can then try an educate one another using factual evidence with out going at one another's throats. Thank you.

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Hot take #1

neo-pronouns are bs because they hurt the trans-community. I'm not going to call you "meow/meow-self" or anything like that. Use REAL pronouns. If you're a girl, you use "she" and "her".

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I was looking for suggestions for things to read. I like harry potter and kept getting suggestions for "Dear, Draco". Just finished reading it and I am officially broken :)

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6 December 2011

Today all of the ghosts scared the new family away. Tate almost killed the couple's kid just because he thought he liked me. I had to kiss Tate to make sure that Miguel got a chance to get away. I finally said goodbye to him. Once and for all. I love him, but after all those things that he has done, I can't imagine ever getting back with him.

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