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17 years old
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new blog: its 4am

hey lol whats up,,, life is kinda eh over here but there's not much i can do about it anyways. Im gonna go to the konbini in a couple hours but rn i guess ill just talk about my life........what do i talk about......im studying kansai dialect so maybe il'l be able to speak it and understand the old ladies at street shops here in osaka.... did i mention that earlier ?? i live in japan , osaka . i used to live with my mom in yotsuya but she kicked me out once she realized im gay so now i live with my friend here in osaka,, lmao was that too much ? anyways ill be back in a bit i might eat.



why u should marry me

  1. im hot
  2. im not hot
  3. ill feed u
  4. we can live in a old apartment that's falling apart
  5. you could literally run me over with a car and i would still give you the world
  6. i will listen to you talk about the most stupidest things
  7. we can fuck till the daylight
  8. i will buy u anything (no promises tho im kinda broke rn)
  9. we can just sit on a couch and do nothing but i would still fall in love with you more
  10. we can b 4ever 2gether


why we should get married in a crusty, musty, dusty gas station in a ghetto neighborhood)

  1. we would look like bad bitches
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school is a scam

school sucks, it makes me want to die more every single day
also. i hate it
i hate the people there (not the teachers tho they just tryna get that bag)
anyways i forgot what i was gonna type lol im doing a test :(
stan gwsn
i hate straight ppl


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