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im back(kinda)

hello, its me julian
i remembered i had a myspace so im back because i dont have anything better to do.



hello, im leaving myspace bc idk i dont like it anymore.

if you want to contact me do on discord: Goopwave#4016



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oh god help me

help i am in love, its been a while since i last fell in love and it feels amazing.

how do i tell that special person that i love them without ruining our friendship.




Julian's blog!: last day 6 i think idk

hello. its been a while since i did the last julians blog, im ok if anyone was preocupied (although i believe no one is reading this lol.)i just have forgotten to come here and write about my day.

im making this blog because i will stop doing julians blog, mainly because i keep forgetting and all of that.and also i feel like no one is reading this witch makes me kinda sad but that is not important.

if you want to contact me you can, the social medias y mostly use are there :)

also i made a playlist on spotify!!!
i think its pretty cool!!! its almost every song i have been hearing these past months, i hope you like it!

thats all i have to say. have a great christmas and a happy new year!!!!



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Julian's blog day five5!:pain

hello.today i woke up around 12pm because my cat woke me up, ate breakfast, very delicious. and decided to join my friends on discord.about an hour later i went to eat lunch with my family, it was delicious.after eating i decided to help my family build and decorate the christmas tree, was entertaining.

then i got back into discord with my friends and we decided to play some dark souls 3, we played for like 2 hours, then a friend had to leave because he had to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood, after he left we just talked for a while until he came back.

after that nothing much happened, my friend found a pirated cyberpunk 2077 and decided to stream it.
today wasnt as boring as other days.
i think that is all for today, goodbye!!!!

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Julian's blog day four4: goty

hello, today was kind of a disappointing day for me, since i watched the game of the year awards and it was totally rigged, but i wont get into details.

today i woke up at 3pm, when i got out of bed i showered and ate lunch, today i ate lentils or lentejas idk how its called in english but it was delicious.

later on i joined my friends on discord to play something, they where all playing diferent games so i decided to finish some stuff and wait for the game of the year awards.
then i ate dinner, i ate an empanada(i dont know the english name for it) and it was delicious. the game awards started and my friends and i watched it.

nothing much happened today as usual.
i think thats all for today, see you tomorrow!!!!!

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Julian's blog: day three3: school

where do i start...
well, i woke up at 8 am for school and today i wasnt bothered by school because it was the last day!!!. but i still have some unfinished assigments and i should have them ready by friday, so that is kinda bad.

nothing much happened today, i ate chicken and rice for lunch, and i ate a sandwich for dinner, later i joined my friends on discord,one of them also finished school today because we go to the same school.

that's all for today, see ya tomorrow!!!!!

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Julian's blog. day two: boring day

hello! on this blog i will talk about my day, i woke up around 2:21pm(CLST)because today was a religious holiday in my country, i didnt eat breakfast, i ate sushi at lunch, it was really good, later on my parents went to a friend's birthday.

later on my brother asked me for a camera my family has, witch i responded telling him that i didnt had it, then he made me look for it,i didnt find it, later on my brother looked around his stuff and it turned out he had it.

after that happened i finished some homework and my parents came back.

now i joined my friends on discord and we are currently playing some games. and i wanna die because i still have to do some more homework and i dont know how.

that's all i have for today's blog. goodbye!!!

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