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"he was a tater tot, she said see ya later thot."
14 years old
United States
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It's pride month!!!

I'm changing my page for a bit but after June it will be back to chaos core.
have a nice pride month and know I accept you!

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the bog blog.

Halò :]

Sorry about the inactivity I have been going through some stuff. I got sick around the 17th with covid and had to make my mom and brother quarantine at the beach 3 hours away. I got really angry and upset which made me feel worse but, I got a lot of food and rest so I feel better. Anyway I hope you all are doing well and guess what? My mom and brother are coming home tomorrow!


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css hates me

I don't know how to make the box with "home, my fwiends, all fwiends, etc." different. [I don't mind the blue but still] and I every time I try to make a custom cursor it is off by a lot. aughhhhhhhhhh.

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