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15 years old
United States
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Daily Diary

Starting this again cuz I accidentally deleted the one I had before!
Anyways, I went thrifting with my mom today! I got some really good finds, I found a black and dark blue striped shirt thst I just love and think I'm going to be wearing, forever. I also got McDonalds B)
Started watching Attack on Titan today!! 👍👍👍

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So man e frens!!! ty all of u ty ty ty XD

I decided to commemorate this I should tell u all a lil more abt myself :3 s0 herez sum facts abt meh XP

The type of music I listen to varies a lot and it really depends on the day but I have like 4 playlists I'll listen to which consists of:
1- Mother Mother, Lemon Demon, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, and Marina (she doesn't quite fit on this list but she's in this playlist cuz she don't fit teh others either (´・ω・`) )
2- Moe Shop & Sewerslvt
3- h3artcrush, Ayesha Erotica (This is my Soundcloud playlist of either reuploads cuz I heard the artist is problematic or I can't find their songs on any major streaming services)
4- Vocaloid, usually Kasane Teto (IK She's an utaloid)

sum oter factz abt me:

  • I collect Monster cans
  • I have symptoms of nuerodivergence but my family won't allow me to ask my doctors abt it
  • I play animal crossing but I can't play w/ any1 I don't have switch 0nl!ne :(
  • My comfort ship is Iideku and it ruins my whole day if I see them being lewded (' . `)
  • My highest kin is Oikawa Tooru
  • I'm bisexual
  • I like mcyt but I wouldn't call myself a stan
  • I'm an INTP

-If you see me say anything on here regarding "Zippertrap" please know I am joking

I can't think of anytin elz 2 say, feel free 2 comment questionz.

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  • Racists
  • Homophobes
  • Transphobes
  • ppl who don't agree w/ neo pronouns
  • Fujoshi's/Fudanshi's
  • yaoi/yuri supporters
  • Pedophiles (MAPS 🤢)
  • ppl who don't kin doublez
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Kinz r 4 fun, d0ubl3z pog, I'm IRL Chiaki

♡K1n L1zt♡:
High Kins:
Chiaki Nanami
Killua Zoldyck
Kenma Kozume
Kazuichi Soda
Reki Kyan

Medium Kins:
Nagito Komeada
Kaeya Alberich

Low Kins:
Tamaki Suoh
Oikawa Tooru

This is in order from highest to lowest based on how much I kin them

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