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"take the pocky and leave, bitch."
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Democratic People's Republic of Korea
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suffocating love

dear ?#ยค%&@,

lately, i've realized that time is actually starting to run out as we'll go our separate paths in six months. before you deactivated your account and stopped replying, it felt like you were so reachable and so easy to talk to even if it was only through the screen of my phone. i'm not sure why we never spoke to each other as much in real life except for the casual "hi", though they also stopped. it was my fault for being so emotionally dependant on you, but it was so addicting to text you whenever i was bored, worried, or just simply wanted to talk with the person i loved.

during the time i spent with you, it felt like your heart really belonged to mine, even though i know it doesn't. there's so much that i won't be able to do with you: drinking boba, thrifting, eating at a fast-food restaurant, playing instruments, kicking your ass, etc... either way, thank you for never saying that i was too much, too annoying, too whatever my friends say.

p.s // and if you ever feel lonely, just know i'll be waiting for your reply through the screen of my phone.

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