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"smh my head"
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My special interests/hyperfixations

Hi everyone :D
I have ADHD and suspected autism so this is abt my hyperfixations and special interests

What do I count as a hyperfixation, and what do I count as a special interest?
The main difference between what I consider a hyperfixation and what I consider a SI is length. If I like it long-term i call it a SI, but if it's shorter then I call it a hyperfixation.

What are my special interests?
My main special interest is psychology, I've liked it for years, even go so far as to take an intro to psychology video course online at age 9/10. I'm planning on becoming a psychologist too.
I also have Minecraft as a special interest, I've loved the game for years as well as a lot of mcyts and for a while it was all I wanted to with my time.

What are my current hyperfixations?
DreamSMP, especially Ranboo, anarchy, and alternative fashion/music are my hyperfixations atm!
I consider myself alternative (somewhere between emo and punk) and I rlly love alt stuff
I am an anarchist and am currently working on research on it, I'll do another blog on just anarchy eventually.
And DreamSMP my beloved. I watch streams too much tbh. But NEways.

tl;dr SIs are psychology and minecraft and hyperfixations atm are anarchy, dsmp, and alternative fashion/music.
Thanks for reading!! :D

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thank you sm :D


AWEEE <3 you sound like a wonderful person!!!