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"as an american; fuck!"
69 years old
United States
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S3ND HELP ダンベス

online school is going to be the end of me oh lord i want to scream, i want to scream so hard
what the fuck even are this exams im pretty fucking sure thhey are breaking the law i want to rip my eyes out every time we get a new assingnment all i do nowadays is zone out for entire 3 hour lectures i dpnt even know whats hAPP3N1NG ANYM0R3#

i want to cry i want to cry until i pass out
my teachers are stupid my principal is stupid my family is stupid i wish they would all dissapear its like they dont understand that we are not actually learning anything im banging my head against a wall yesterday i bit my nails so hard i was bleeding i want this to be over with i just want over

i hate kids with good parents i hate them i hate them i hate them they have no idea of how lucky they are living with someone that doesnt treat you like garbage i hate them

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im sorry this happened to you