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identity crisis /srs

I've been thinking lately abt who I rlly am.

Myself, am I me? My personality,, is it genuinely who I am? or just pieces of other people's that I picked up as years went by? Or is it the me who I adjusted to fit in the society? Is there the real me inside myself? That I may not project.

I don't know.

Stuff I like,, do I rlly like it? or do I like it bc of trends? bc other ppl do? incase to fit in?

Again, I don't even know.

I feel like I'm in a void rn.

I don't know what label I am gonna put onto myself.

Nowadays, i wake up just solely to live. Attend classes, do assignments, blankly staring then sleep.

I'm just who I am at the core. A human. And for now that's what I'm gonna go along with.

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