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5 years old
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MORE abt ME!!(.❛ ᴗ ❛.)

quick DNI IF YOU:
are a bigot/trump supporter/dont support blm/etc
you use acab sanrio pics for aes lmao
are a fujoshi
im a minor btw!! no nsfw

myanimelist: https://myanimelist.net/profile/m1i_lk
tumblr: https://hiigirls.tumblr.com/

about me:

i want to make friends just send a msg of something we're both interested in! i might sound rlly formal tho lol

yttd is my favorite thing rn if you like it pls msg me ill send paragraphs
play free on ur browser <3

i LOVEEE talking/reading abt astrology ill read about it for at least 3 hours then close the tab and be like "that was fun :)!"

other interests:
danganronpa (i only rlly remember komaeda and miu but u can still talk to me abt it) bnha(i catch up on the manga sometimes) osomatsu,death note,minecraft & probably more i cant remember

im mentally ill so heres my kin list (high to low):
• nagito komaeda
• knives chau
• kanna kizuchi
• misa amane
• pucca
• gumball watterson

doubles PLEASE ADD ME you are all so cool

thats all ty for reading if u did!

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