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"Maybe. Mayb. Son."
69 years old
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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Sunflower Fields

You see you're in a field of sunflowers...
Your footsteps get heavier and heavier as you walk through the field..

You stop and get a vision of your home...
Your deceased mother calls your name.... You start to tear up a bit.

Your hear a bark. It's your dog. You continue to walk with your dog.
He barks loud again. He stays behind.

You see your mother within a blink of an eye...
You start to cry loudly as you follow your beloved, deceased, mother.
You try to call out to her, yet there’s no response....


She is standing on the clouds in front of you...
You try to jump and wish as hard as you can you can make it to her...


You fall into a haystack with your dog. What a miracle that truly is...

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Not Cinnamoroll

Thank you for reading this, just a small little thing that tells a huge story in such a short chapter of the game..