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"Cringe culture is dead"
17 years old
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Anyways so I'm in NSW for the week to hang out with my dad + my grandparents, and their property has like,,,,lots of moss and cool rocks n stuff. So as soon as the storms eased (like 6pm ish), and put on some gumboots and started wandering around, picking up whatever looked cool. I also just,,,stood in the puddles for a bit, talkin to the frogs :> At first, I was a bit selective abt what I wanted to get, but by the end my hands were covered in mud and my bag was full of treasures.
Fun time, v soul cleansing, 10/10 - would become a bog elf again :D

I'll post again soon with some pictures of the cool stuff I've found - maybe just before I leave, so that I'm not posting everyday with small updates lol. Its mostly just rocks right now, but who knows.

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Powerpuff character

At powerpuffyourself.com you can customize your own ppg character, so here's mine!
GIF version + still version
At the end of your character creation, you can do a quiz to find out your ppg super power - mine was Super Fierce haha.
Lmk what your character looks like if you make one! <3

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Sapphic poetry

my chest aches,
my soul longs,
for the faintest of dreams of love,
of her lips,
her smile,
her mind

her thoughts on anything,
i could listen to for lifetimes,
passing moments I would cherish for aeons more

her touch, oh how i long to feel her,
her hands though my hair,
her fingers along my cheek,
her arms around me

her comforting tender gaze,
entranced in her eyes,
yet i have never seen them

how i wish to meet her
to know that she exists
to know that

listen im in a yearning mood, okay?
idk what else to do other than write gay stuff and be sad

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