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My mom now simps for Momo Yaoyorozu

i was being my usually rambly self, explaining to my mom a bit about my hero. well honestly, i wouldn't say a BIT, since i kinda maybe had an hour long conversation with her. well apart from that, i started talking about momo, and she seemed super interested. with this i showed her a picture of momo and she immediately fell in LOVE. im not even kidding, she really just went on a 10 minute rant how pretty she was and asked more questions. i told her that shes a simp for momo, and her expression changed extremely quickly T_T. she thought i called her a name in some other language. i explained to her what a simp was, she was still confused but yk i think she got the point. but honestly this was all worth it to see my mom simp for momo, i mean she is super pretty and like amazing so who wouldn't???

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Aww that’s so wholesome!! Haha