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"sorry im not made of sugar"
100 years old
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~poetry, anime and crushes~

my favourite poem ->

"i can not let you burn me up,
Nor can i resist you,
No mere human can stand in a flame,
And not be burned"

I unfortunetly do not know who originally wrote it so if someone does know that would be great!

Now that thats done, lets talk about MHA!! i have two crushes in my hero acadamia:

  1. the classic rage hedgog
    and 2. jirou (p≧w≦q)
    (yes one of them is a girl, i am bisexual!) un-fortunetly like so many others i know that it will never happen because they are just drawings, but i really am quite sad about that.

Even though I have a crush on them they are not my favourite characters, my absoloute favourite is drum roll GUN HEAD!! https://pm1.narvii.com/7653/ccf0417555994db5217a09bff76845fde792e442r1-425-472v2_00.jpg
He's is just so amazing, he has the personality of kitten and yet he is built like a jackass and he can look after himself, AND HE TEASES URARAKA!!!! I honestly love people who kindly tease people (/≧▽≦)/.

My blogs will be about this stuff mainly so if you prefer other things then please don't feel T H R E A T E N E D to read it, i feel like these will be a good way to get some feels out the way!

over and out

  • Marceline
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marceline (¬_¬")

thank you for giving me the quotes writer!

and i was not expecting you to read this izzy (kinda embarrased) B U T thank you anyway! (p≧w≦q)

  • marceline

I think the quote comes from A.S. Byatt's novel possession.
p.s. this is such a cute post!!