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br0k3n4ng3l's Blog

"Wh4t3v3r F0r3v3r x3"
Gender Fluid
16 years old
United States
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Upd4t3 Bl0g T1m3

h11 1 th1nk 1m st4rt1ng t0 g3t th3 h4ng 0f 3v3ryth1ng xD 1ve 3xp4nd3d my mus1c 3v3n m0r3 4nd 3v3n g4v3 mys3lf a fr1ng3, m1ght cut 1t s0m3 m0r3 t0n1ght :3
1 h4v3 t0 g0 t0 4 b1rthd4y p4rty t0m0rr0w/t0d4y?? 1dk 1tz l1k3 5 1n th3 m0rn1ng 4s 1 wr1t3 th1s XD
1m g0nn4 g3t n3w el4st1c stuffz s0 1 c4n m4k3 m0r3 k4nd1!! 1m rlly 3xc1t3d! xp 1 m1ss m4k1ng k4nd1

Translation :p
hii i think im starting to get the hang of everything xD ive expanded my music even more and even gave myself a fringe, might cut it some more tonight :3
I have to go to a birthday party tomorrow/today?? idk its like 5 in the morning as i write this XD
Im gonna get new elastic stuff so i can make more kandi!! im rlly excited! xp i miss making kandi

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