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15 years old
United States
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Session #1

Alright so vent type thing ?

i like this person right, and i have a friend who's like my "wing-man" persay to help me get closer to said person. i'm gonna call my crush "Rain" for now. So Rain recently posted about wanting a girlfriend but wold having trouble with keeping the energy in the relationship, which i can relate to because in my past relationships i felt like i wouldn't be able to completely commit, and i'm young yk so it isn't unreasonable. But Rain is a compleettellyy different person, i would die for them LMFAO,, maybe,, but i'd do anything, whether i'm friends with them or not. But i slid up saying i relate and stuff, but before that i asked my wing-man to help me with what i should say but he just blew me off lmfao so i was like okay, you might be going through something right now, i won't bother you, i'm not personally attacked by it, it's alright. however i don't have anyone else to turn to because my other friends could honestly not care less, they don't really help me with this stuff, which is alright but i feel like,, the odd one out LMFAO. But yeah, thats my rant, i talked to Rain and hinted that i like someone right now but i don't want them to catch on because i still want to build a tight friendship beforehand i guess. Anyway, if you've made it this far, i appreciate it, thank you. I hope you're having a wonderful day, and if you want to vent, go ahead if you'd like :)

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thank you so much !! <33


i hope you and your crush get to be good friends if not partners :D good luck!!