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"owo "
16 years old
United States
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I forgot I had a 3d pen!
I traced an image off of google, and now I have a little 2D catboy!!


I'm gonna practice a bit more and then do another one, hopefully with less texture

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About CatboySimp

🌸15 years young hehe🌸
🌸I'm a girl!!🌸
🌸I've seen a ton of animes.... just don't ask if I /finished/ them lol 🌸
🌸I like to sing and read!🌸
🌸Send me AO3 recs!🌸
🌸I play a game called vrchat, if you also play it, dm me and we can add each other!🌸
🌸follow me on tumblr! @milkshakethouart🌸
🌸Femboys and Catboys, I love them all🌸
🌸I'm so sorry catboys, but I'm taken🌸
🌸I'm a gemini~🌸
🌸My favorite lunch meat is turkey🌸
🌸I love to talk!! But I'm a little slow at replies🌸
🌸I stay up like, all night, so that's when you'll see me most active🌸
🌸I have no clue how to do CSS, i just mix and matched a ton of different code I found online🌸
🌸My favorite color is pink!🌸
🌸My hair is also pink!🌸
🌸I love strawberry ice cream (it's pink too haha)🌸
🌸I have 2 cats and 3 dogs!!🌸
🌸I would love to see you guys' pet picturesssss🌸
🌸My favorite scents are fresh linen and cherry blossommm🌸
🌸My favorite anime is black butler🌸

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I finally got my page how I want it! I think it's pretty cute!!

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