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hey besties <3

so aot, jjk and wonder egg just finished and i dont know what to do with my life lol

i started playing genshin impact and i dont understand what im doing lol

like the story is confusing me but everyone else seems to understand how to play it and whats going on?

somebody plz explain the general 'what you are supposed to do' lol

kaeya also makes me so uncomfortable and i dont know why - he gives off bad vibes and i feel like his breath smells lol

im also not ready for the last chapter of aot - it has been such a big part of my life and im not ready for it to be over

anyway i miss sasha braus the loml

bye my luvs <3

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plz give me anime to watch

i have liked anime for a few years - i think since 2014?

however, i have realised i haven't really watched many shows lol

i have watched aot (obviously lol), kakegurui, toradora, lovelive, free, yuri on ice, himouto umaru-chan, tokyo mew mew

i think thats literally it lol - i cant remember watching any others but i have a feeling i have lol

im currently watching evangelion and haikyuu

plz give me recommendations - something like aot and evangelion as i really like them

i am planning on watching jjk, tpn, black butler, death note, tokyo ghoul so yeah

thanks lol

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i forgot this existed lol

genuinely forgot about this lol

anyway attack on titan again lol lets go

i have the fattest crush on sasha im actually in love with her

im not ready for episode 8 - i will be in tears

i also know that im in the lgbt community but im not putting a label on anything

if i like a person, i like a person - i dont care who or what they identify as - if i like them, i like them


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aot again lol <3

i missed annie lol

the female titan design as well looked a lot better -i dont know if it was to make the titan look younger to reflect annie's age but it just looked so much better

also when she went to kick kenny?!?! - iconic

tiny bertholdt and reiner was cute too lol

byeeee xxx

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attack on titan pt2 <3

brooooooo im in fucking love with pieck

she sounds like what i hoped for her to sound - aot girls best girls

also galliard and porco are the same person right? - every character changes what name to call him and im fucking confused lol

gabi is so sweet but a little bitch at the same time - its a love hate emotion towards her lol

byeee ;)

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attack on titan <3

i fucking love aot so much lol

the first season 4 episode was perfect - gabi sounded exactly how i wanted her to sound even tho she's still a little bitch

i kept seeing that people didn't like the cgi titans but i thought that they worked perfectly - they move more smoothly like how they would do in real life lol

also jean kinda hot now tho ;)

k bye :)


hi <3

i literally don't know what i'm doing but i'm having fun lol

good times :)