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i like fucked up my css , got overwhelmed , logged out , and then just totally forgot about myspace TT
but i'm back lolol and i fixed the problem i was dealing w so it's all good <3
i just thought it was a good idea to update yall (although i'm sure not many people care that much)
but rn i have some free time so i'll go through my notifs and respond 2 people <3
sorry if this inconvenienced any1 !!

omg also guys i fckin suck at updating any social media so 2 clarify , my original twitter (karsweg) got suspended (filed for an appeal but its been almost a month now so i don't have much hope) and rn i'm using willgrahamsbf.
i felt like that was important to announce bc some of my friends may not know this but twt has a more uh,,convenient messaging format (whereas myspace has an email format.)

n if you're wondering, my twitter @ is indeed the same as my instagram. sorry i take so long to update on these types of things. if you have any trouble finding my social media i'm sorry for any inconveniences that may have caused you. i apologize a lot today haha. it's kind of depressing. i'll be active on a social media for a week or two and then fall into some deep depression/hibernation for a few days HAHA.

anyway, that's all. if you ever want to talk to me about your problems in your irl life, my dms are always open. it'll be like payment for this therapy, haha. although this is nowhere near therapy.

i actually have a session with a psychiatrist today. i didn't really want to go but my mother is forcing me because i had a big of a meltdown the other day T_T it's just a psych evaluation but i really don't like being evaluated. and i am indeed ranting again T_T sorry !

if you made it this far, i have some show recommendations for you. these are the ones i've been immersed in; cherry magic, i told sunset about you, bojack horseman, nbc hannibal, and the midnight gospel.

thanks for reading my little rant! it's always nice to get some thoughts out, no matter how minor they may seem ^_^

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