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"I'm looking respectfully"
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Idc if i get judged by this atp

So i get treated like shit everyday by my family, friends and yet people still wonder why i s.h. I know i have people that love me but i still feel like shit. When i die i feel like some people wouldn't care or if i kms they would be like "i didnt see the signs". And also some people wonder why i dont tell people how i feel, well mabey cause everytime i fucking tell someone how i feel they dont care or they go around telling people. And people say i have no reason to be sad or s.h. you dont know how i feel or what happens to me so just stfu. S.a is a real thing and it happens to a lot of people. that shit can cause so much trauma and its hard to open up ab that. so next time u wanna assume that someone doesn't have a reason to be sad just stfu.

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Same bb but guess what at 18 you get to pack your stuff and leave tbh I can't wait for that. But stay safe luv and u have a reason to s.h but pls try to get better you do not deserve them or deserve how they treat you <3


Damn babe, I’m so sorry. I truly didn’t know and I should’ve taken the time to ask you how you felt. I am the same way about S.H and when I tried to talk to my dad about it he said I was only doing it for attention. I’m right here baby and I love you too the moon and back


i agree 100%