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"!! 🍓 World is Mine 🍓 !!"
69 years old
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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i wanna throw light imagay into a black

i still cant believe that he treated misa like that i mean,,, misa was kinda dumb for staying with his weird ass but like,,, she lowkey felt like she had to bc of what he'd done for her without knowing it n then light was like let me gaslight n manipulate this girl into cutting her lifespan in half TWICE and kill ppl for me so i can b the god of the new world,, then i'll kill her like no sir I'll throw u into gods sippy cup so u can experience the horror of getting sucked up by god himself also the fact that he treated her like that like she'd b a good gf !! not to mention i hear guys being like,,, goth gf,, then he was like lemme slap tf outta her and make her drop the nice cold cup of beverage that she made me like !! i'll eat ur joints. right here rn im not even playing also not mentioning that he killed L like wtf tho he made him die the death of an overweight middle-aged white man like L even fell out of his lil office chair like !! this is a light hate blog >:((

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