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Hey. -THE RE UP-

Hi all, resonance here

i am unsure of what this blog post will turn out to be, a recurring thing perhaps? or maybe just another one time thing i will do before i get bored of this little 2000’s inspired social media website, afterall, it has come to my attention that there is a little 1/10 number next to the blog posts- i presume we can only make 10 posts? A shame that is.

anyways. today has been a very efficient day (i hope) it is actually only 10:19 am as i am typingso i do not know yet. i was supposed to go gift shopping but i got lazy so i suppose i’ll either get it delivered online or just turn up after school tomorrow. I do not know which one yet. It is also a sunday.
i believe alot of you..….”myspacers” are american ? or live somewhere near that sort so it must only be saturday for you. Living in australia does not have many benefits but!!! i am very thankful that i do not have to witness you folks fight all the time in cafeterias at lunchtime. Also is it true that you all have security guards at school ? very strange.
if i am bothered now i might go and shower and go shopping for cute paper and stationery because alot of people seem to want -_- cards and letters along with their gifts. Actually none of them wanted gifts they just wanted the cards….but thats beyond the point. The point is I AM BAD….HORRIBLE….with words. this motherfucker in my class wants a card but what the hell do i write to you!!!!
“Hi [censored”]
Happy end of year!!! You seem sick, thats all i have to say to you.

Lots of love,

Did you guys like that? Taht was my draft. I dont know why everyone wants a card so badly i ccan literally text you, you know.

Ok i am tired of writing now. i will either write another blog entry soon giving an introduction to myself i might just write tagt in my blurb thing. i cannot be bothered to link my carrd today.



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hello All, ..i am currently eating 油炸鬼 it is so good....life is so good rn i amlkiterealy on myspace and watching nct world ep8 on this fine afternoon (12:06)

was this good enough of a blog entry i am trying to still figure this out maybe lateri veel add an mp3 or something blah blah whatever i need to fix up this CSS later. FUCK YOU CSS