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movies i watched recently

hi everyone! i haven’t been on here in awhile because I had a bunch of stuff on my plate but I thought id make a post about movies ive watched recently that I enjoyed!

✹ My Own Private Idaho (1991)
I watched this with my sister and it started off a little weird but it’s an absolutely beautiful film with some really cool cinematography and editing. Its adapted from Shakespeare’s Henry IV and that makes for some weird Shakespearian dialogue mixed in with some pretty normal dialogue but I think overall its well done and a great watch. It retains the charm that Shakespeare has while also being accessible and actually fun to watch :) I would recommend it if you are sad and gay, like Shakespeare, like weird movies, or just enjoy keanu reeves and/or river phoenix.

✹ The Driller Killer (1979)
This is a grindhouse kinda sorta slasher that I hoped would be better than it actually is. Its still enjoyable though! It follows an artist struggling with completing his current painting, his rent, his roomates/girlfriend, and his downstairs neighbors who happen to be a staple band in the new york punk scene and practicing at all hours of the night. This dude gets so annoyed he just starts killing people with a drill. This is one of those movies where the concept is really cool but it could have been executed better. Would recommend to horror fans but its hit of miss since its really not that great. i still got a kick out of it!

✹Let the Right One In (2008)
Ok i don’t even know what to say about this one it was so fucking good. do you like vampire kids? Innocent and cute friendships? Bullies getting what they deserve? Watch it. I would recommend this to anyone. I need to watch it again before I can formulate any actual thoughts about it but it’s a great movie.

✹ The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)
Ok I just watched this for jeffrey combs because his wig and glasses are really funny to me. Its an alright movie with some fun sequences but also some parts that were kind of a drag. Watch if you like witches, medieval religious horror, jeffrey combs (his role is unfortunately minor), or stuart gordon I guess. Big tw for sexual assault.

✹ The Fly (1986)
Oh my god. This movie was so incredible. Its superrrr gross like jeff goldblum gets really repulsive in this one (geena davis is cute for the whole movie though <3) I’m planning on rewatching this one as well because theres just SO MUCH. The special effects are CRAZY and so disgusting. Its just a sick movie in every sense of the word. Im quickly becoming a cronenberg fan and I cant wait to watch scanners and dead ringers. I’d recommend this if you like body horror, sci fi horror, or think jeff goldblum is hot

✹ The Thing (1982)
Ok more amazing practical effects. This is probably a perfect movie? Its so fucking cool, the story is so compelling, and both the creature and the reactions of the crew are scary as fuck. Another movie I deffo will be rewatching. I recommend if you like sci fi horror, body horror, playing among us, or don’t get too upset about dogs dying onscreen. Unfortunately there are literally no women in this movie omfg john carpenter ill kill you (i guess its justifiable w the time and the profession but its still fucking annoying)

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i LOVE my own private idaho !! wish keanu and river could've been in more movies together :( definitely need to check out the rest of the movies u put in this list !!