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im alive!

Hi!! It’s been so long since I’ve been active which makes me sad cause I put a lot of work into this page but now that I have a computer (woo christmas) I can hopefully be more active!

Things have been rough I can’t lie, I’ve been struggling mental health wise and don’t have the resources to help me, plus school is very stressful and for P.E. I have to do dance? It’s weird to describe but it makes me so incredibly anxious so I don’t like going to school in person or otherwise. And I have to go in person, because apparently my mom thinks that will take away my intense mental illness. A+ parenting lol.

However, I have gotten really into My Hero Academia! My friend is super into it and they managed to get me to read the manga and finish what we have of the anime and now its the only thing I talk about. Hawks and Present Mic are comfort characters which is something scary to talk about online because of the intense sexualization Hawks faces in the fandom but generally I can stay away from it. (Can you tell I despise Yagami Yato lol. I’m sorry if you like her or that stuff but I don’t think we can be friends it makes me so uncomfy =/ )

Anyway if I vent a lot on here it’s because I still don’t have a new therapist and I know that’s very annoying but I only have so many friends to talk to sometimes. Still waiting for a cool alt bf who I can dump my baggage on, and who can dump his baggage on me </3. I’m free February 14 (σ´∀`)σ

This feels a lot like writing in a journal now that I’m rereading things but that sounds stupid so just think of it as my alt vent account that nobody knows about. Ok sorry for the vent but I just wanted to update and say I’m alive! Thank you for 90 friends I luv u all and my pms are wide open if u want to chat! <3

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Glad to see you back!