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"no one likes a kinnie :)"
14 years old
United States
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me complaining + soukoku :)

perhaps the sexiest part about me is how hard of a time i have connecting with ppl online and in person <3
its especially difficult online bc,, the main form of communication is discord and theres no content on there
besides messages
and i think that is very boring
i know this is just me complaining but i would like more online friends so please do add my discord or ask me 4 it :3
anyway yes i am inept at making friends online but thats bc i either respond immediately all the time
dont respond ever bc i forget lolol
i also really dont understand how to use discord but ;-;

it would also?? probably be more fun if i were in servers but idk how that works either
anyway enough complaining <3
im obsessed. with this picture of dazai and chuuya,,,
like look at them :)))
i love them so much smh,,

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