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"somedays i just want to go in a coma, y'know?"
Trans Male
14 years old
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extended bio

SO BASICALLY my original bio looked WAYYY too long so here's the extended version if you're interested in more details abt me
hello yes i'm raichu but you can also call me fabio/fabby/whatever your little heart desires
i'm a big boy man that still has a very fragile masculinity help
taken by a cutie!!! dominik/oliver my beloved <3 23/09/2019
games/series/books/stuff like that i like: minecraft, roblox (https://www.roblox.com/users/136872215/profile i wish i could change my username), undertale (though i'm not in the community anymore </3), cookie run ovenbreak, warrior cats (though i'm stuck at the 5th book 2nd prophecy because i don't have time to read-), if i remember other stuff i like i'll probably update this
music stuff i like: indie rock (for example teen s//cide [also known as american pleasure club], julia brown, starry cat, i really love these bands!!), indie pop (jack stauber for example!! love his stuff too :D), some breakcore and hyperpop and stuff of that sort, also other bands that i have no clue what their genre is but that i like ($waggot, the scary jokes, uh h hh hj idk but there's surely other stuff, also y'know those weirdcore/dreamcore/internetcore mixes that sometimes come up on my reccomended??? yea those are good good too), also videogame OSTs (especially undertale and animal crossing) and some vocaloid stuff too
other stuff i like: cats and dogs, doves/pigeons (especially my three little diamond doves :] i love them soo much), drawing, animating (i even partecipate in multi animator projects and do some animation memes/amvs/pmvs though not as often nowadays)
also furbies are the superior species i even own a 1999 furby baby he's my son

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