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"genshin impact has ruined my life i love it"
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United States
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i am officially a high school graduate

the graduation ceremony was just earlier today. its weird bc i have no idea what im doing after this. ill probably just go to the community college to get my basic classes out of the way but idk what i wanna do. i like art but i dont wanna do it for work, and i kinda like coding but its very tedious. id also maybe like to do something in languages, or move to romania for a bit. i think ill just work on getting my drivers license first.
also the left half of my face is gonna be so sunburnt help.
omg also happy pride!!

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oh my god

good lord i havent been on here in so long. good to see that people r still active here! i dont have anymore school so ill probably be active on here! maybe! we'll see!! im thinking of updated my css. i love it as it is tho, so maybe ill just tweak it here and there lol.

also i completely forgets how this whole site works #lol

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