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Shop Lifting

What do you think? Some people praise or find shoplifting distasteful. I'm curious to know everyone's take on it. I personally think that big chains and names are alright to shoplift from. I understand that in some cases that could also hurt the employees working there who barely make minimum wage. It's a sort of grey area for me, I would never steal from someone else of course i just feel differently when it comes to multi-billion-dollar companies I suppose.


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People who shoplift small things,that is stupid...like thats pretty stingy to steal something of 1 or 2 dollars...like they can just pay for it.


We only shop lift directly from the companies, not the stores.companies have insurance against those types of things and bring in millions and billions of dollars annually. The stores have to pay their workers for commission which are already underpaid under the guise of capitalism!

For example you order a phone from Apple, They never give you a tracking number where they give you a tracking number that never updated. (This goes for most companies like Target, amazon,ect.) You get the product, but


honestly if itโ€™s chain (not target tho bc their security is dangerous) i have very little issues with it, especially if the person is in need. the employees of bigger chains rarely get penalized unless they played an active role in it. smaller businesses is where i get iffy about it tho, but even then it depends on the situation.

for example when i was working back in march 2020 and a bag of yeast seemingly disappeared while only one customer was in the store i simply did not see anything โค๏ธ


i feel u with the million dollar company part. I dont think i would be able to do it, but if i see someone else who is shoplifting from a big corp, i wouldnt say anything