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Gender Fluid
18 years old
United States
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hi :)

hi i guess this is kinda a get to know me thing

my name is devon, i am 18. i am genderfluid and go by any pronouns.

if i am honest, i am a pretty boring person.

i kinda just sit around and listen to music all day. or i sleep idk.

i collect records which is fun! i love records, and i have a few that i wish i could have but they are too expensive or are too rare.

i write too, just not publicly (like i just write for myself and not for an audience) and honestly i enjoy it a lot. it is fun to make the characters and stuff.

honestly, ive been so focused on life things that i havent had much time to do anything fun. i have been trying to get my drivers license and ive been looking for a job, so i am busy.

idk heres a song i like (which im sure everyone has heard):


if i am honest , i am pretty boring but i hope you liked reading this, maybe you can message me if you feel inclined, idk your choice.