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"Rawr means I love you in dinosaur"
15 years old
United States
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Dancing SUCCS >:(

So myspace used to be used to like rant or talk about scool with friends so here I am. FUCK MUSICAL DANCE AUDITIONS. AHHHHH I literally suck at dance so you may ask why sign up for a musical when you have to dance Stixx? Well because I hate myself, that's why. I can sing decently and act a little but dance is really just a no go. So i'm dancing in the back and then we switch rows so I'm in the middle. Now the tiktok dancers who memorized it in the first run are not in front of me and I wanna kms but whatever. Then we switch again and now I'M IN THE FRONT AND IDK WHAT THE FLIPPITY FUCK I AM DOING!1!!1!!1!!1 So then we split into two smaller groups and that was whatever but then the finale comes in the form of 3 person group auditions. Now. My group had a tiktok bitch and a COMPETITIVE DANCER! A COMPETITIVE FUCKING DANCER. So now I look like a fool. A court jester. A little child doing their little dancey dance. So all in all I hate it here and I'm praying my voice cancels out my non-existent multistep instruction following skills and dancing in general.

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