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"mein name ist zephyr :0 "
14 years old
United States
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more about my interests!

im really just making this cause i love to talk about what I like. anyways...
here's a list of my favorite characters from my favorite games/anime !!
DDLC: yuri !!!! :D
YTTD: shin
DANGANRONPA THH: either sayaka or kyoko!
DRV2: nagito or hiyoko!
DRV3: KAEDE. i also like kokichi and miu.
Demon Slayer: Nezuko!!!!
School Live: Kirumi!
Naruto: Sakura or Hinata!
TPN: Ray!
DANGANRONPA UDG: Komaru, Kotoko or Jataro!
Genshin Impact: Diluc, Xiao, Razor, and Amber!
anyways, if you like any of my interests plz let me know! i love it when people enjoy the same things as me!! :D

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