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♡ 35mm film camera ♡

hi there :)
so recently my mom gave me her old 35 mm film camera (Canon Sure Shot Zoom S - 1989) and i was wondering if any of you know how to use it or find supplies for it. we think that the battery needs to be replaced and we need more film for it so if anyone has any tips or advice or anything it would be greatly appreciated ♡ as i mentioned before, it's from 1989, hasn't been used much, and is in fairly good condition. we have a roll of film in a box (never been opened) buttt it expired 12 years ago, so would it still be usable?

i don't know much about 35mm cameras, but i do know it's a point and shoot camera. if you know anything about this kind of stuff please comment or message me ♡♡

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That's so dope, I've never worked with film cameras before only digital but I do have a canon so if you have any questions about that, I may be abe to help :)

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That's SOOO cool! tbh kinda jealous... Usually camera specialty stores still sell film, other wise you can probably find some at an office supplies store, or on Amazon. Also yes someone else here said keep film in the fridge, yes! Do that! it helps preserve it. If there's still batteries in there I'd say take them out straight away bc it can ruin in the inside if the batteries leak etc. You could probably find replacement ones on ebay :D


It would be usuable, but the thing is..film is always hit or miss. You have to act like it is never going to turn out well because every photo has different lighting and stuff. I suggest you get a blackout bag, buy some film for the camera online, search for a way to get it developed, and make SURE your light meter works. Hope this helps -llily


omg thats so cool im kinda jealous lol. ive been wanting to get into film but idk much about that specific model... i just searched up pictures of it and it doesnt look too complicated to use. about the expired film,,, alot of people shoot with them. idk how you guys preserved it because many people store them in the fridge (so you should do that lol), but it might work !! it will look rlly cool. just make sure to overexpose them when taking the shots.

again, idk too much about film since i only been