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"i luv metalheads"
15 years old
United States
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about me / dni stuff

my name is teagan
i made one of these last night but it took so long it logged me out ad deleted it :p
i am 15, a libra, use they/them, from USA, and been on myspace since dec 2020.

i like video games, css, anime, astrology, music, marvel, makeup, and fashion

video games: corpse party, the walking dead, danganronpa, d:bh, hollow knight, legend of zelda, pokemon, celeste, last of us, animal crossing, stardew valley, the sims, undertale, minecraft, mortal kombat

anime: erased, code geass, the promised neverland, iwteyp, glitter force, corpse party, hunter x hunter, deathnote, one punch man, nana, pokemon

watchlist: ergo proxy, tokyo ghoul, madoka magica, AOT, MHA, bungou stray dogs, neon genesis evangelion, your lie in april, banana fish, cowboy bepop

dislikes + dni:
-under 13
-if u use honesty as an excuse 2 just be a dick
-mfs who give spoilers >:(
-if ur white and r really loud about hating white ppl cuz u need validation
-if u spend more than 8 hrs a day on twitter
-if u want to discourse w me...
-bigots ofc
-if u use stuff like hyperfixations, depression, ocd symptoms, etc as buzzwords

yayayaa dm me if ur cool ill talk 2 any1!

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