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"Welcome to Liyue."
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Shheeeessshshhh, been a while since I been on here.

Blogging is kind of fun though and I love just talking about random stuff.

New woke Genshin team: Zhongli, Ningguang, Aether, Bennett. No competition, geo supremacy.

I should probably get back into coding, just for fun, then my account could look as cool as other peoples. I took a coding class back in 2018 and did the bare minimum without ever going past that, so my coding is pretty trash as of right now. If I took some time with it, I'd probably get back into the rhythm and be able to extend myself further, but for fun I guess my brain decided to just never be able to "just start something" lol.

Might repeat the school year because I've just not been doing any of my work. Kind of sucks but if I do great this term than I can take summer school and then continue to senior year. Hard getting into the swing of actually doing homework though, the last time I actively did homework was freshman year so like 2018-2019. And that was for only one easy class. I guess my brain splits home and school, making it pretty impossible to work after school hours. Not so fun once COVID came around.

Might try to clean up my computer space so I can set up my VR system after homework if I'm lucky, who knows. idk why anyone would read this, this is kinda just me pouring out nothing important but have a nice day if you are reading this I guess xoxo <3

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He came home

Zhongli finally came home.

Broke: Beidou, Xiangling, Qiqi, Aether
Woke: Chongyun, Xinyan, Razor, Zhongli

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crikey im so tired

i have never done more work than this in a day, it wasn't much but i literally am drained to hell and back.

i just want to rest and not think for a while, i feel like i deserve it


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