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"Pesky Bee!"
16 years old
United States
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four past midnight

hello its 3:07am and i just finished the first part of the book Four Past Midnight ITS VERY GOOD!!! i started today and got to page 296. I havent read a book in years so im kinda proud of myself for not giving up after the first page lol (adhd makes reading a bITCH) but im enjoying it all :) i would continue reading but i'll start again tmmr morning (ig just later this morning,,,). in total the book is almost 1000 pages and the only other book i've read that was that crazy long was IT when i was in 8th grade and that took me like 3 months.

i thought i would type more about it but now that i am idk what to say LMAOO- however after i finish the book i won't know what to read as i don't have anything else to read :( i don't have a lot of money but i want to buy more good books. if anyone has suggestions lmk! i hate spending money but if the book is this good i may have to sacrifice a $20 TnT

and should i like,,talk abt books i read here? would anyone read my thoughts on that and care ?? maybe i shoudld :*

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that'd be awesome :)


will check it out :)


OMG AND I JUST REMEMBERED- the beginning was nerve-wracking but there was one part where my heart DROPPED cuz i realized one vital mistake the characters made and i was like praying they would address it and not get themselved killed in a few more pages (and they did THANK GOD)