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kin list <3

here's my kin list!! pls fwiends comment if we share some same kins or have some complementary's one πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
i'll tag them from the most kinned to the less one :3

  • yamaguchi tadashi; hq!!
  • oikawa tooru; hq!!
  • yachi hitoka; hq!!
  • yashiro nene; tbhk
  • saiki kusuo; saiki k
  • nina; ith
  • kurapika kuruta; hxh (i hate it here lol he's unnerving bc he does it all by himself, never asking for help and that's just like me and it's so annoying rip)
  • killua/illumi zoldyck; hxh (tbh idk ?? people just tell me we're v similar for ✨family trauma✨ but im not sure if only that counts)

    i'll keep it updated 😘

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