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"no swag just pain"
14 years old
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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joe boney

ok so leiek i went to the joe boney concert on saturday and there was this abanonded carnival park behind it and i was with my scene queens ass boy and bella bitch there was liek these stair things and at the bottom was a basement that was blocked off we tried to get in but then ass boy's phone died and we took that as a sign not to go in even tho i wanted to see ghoasts smh. reminder to always bring a bobby pin with u so u can haccc locks. there was also a bird carucusus xD i smelled it and it smelled like ASS not like ass boy but like severe fukin ass hole liek big booty ass hole
i transfered to this school and one guy i metiontied him in my last blog i literally wrote 5 seconds ago but liek i have this friend named julia and brady asked her if i was a lesbian i call myself a lesbian but i just dont leik men due to them calling me fat </3 theyre mean but i have like 3 guy friends that r kewl so yea
ok so i wrote a letter for my lesbian lover brady and stuff but leik before the popular grl yuutube grl asked for my snap and since im obviously not like other grls (/j) i told her i dont have one and she walked away she keeps trying to talk to me but shes rlly pretty so i just sit there a nod liek i was in the bathroom skiping enlgish cus like i alrady know how to speak engliush its litetraly my first language liek i dont need to know more im ok with being illiterate but leik she was liek "wut class do u have storm" and i just nodded and then she was leik "ahaha ok" and it was awkrd but shes leik really pretty she also has a yootub channel with liek 13k subz and she does leik the basic liek vlogz and stuff but theyre kinda fun to watch when im boted and shes sucess ful so go her i dont hate alot of ppl at my scool since i literally just transftered and we have leik 3 weeks left but im already bored of tis place and grades dont matter so ima jyust fuk around
so yeaaaaaaa im just writing random thotz cus i have nothing bettr to do but if someone actually reads this msg me or leave a comment with random shit >:DDDD
^^^^ a grl at my school produced this in 5th grade its really bad but better than wutebver i cud make xD
also shout out to ass boi 4 writing pp uwu on my leg luv u gay bitch <3333

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