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"will work on css l8r,,!"
14 years old
United States
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this is gonna get a lil touchy so be careful-!!
hi..!! i am not dead-!! just haven't been on that much </3 :(( school has been sucky and there's some family stuff happening,, every once in a while im on my other my space account..!! but it's rare aaa i'm sorry,, :(( but please, please! Remember to care about yourself okay? either physically or mentally..it's hard for me to do that but i believe in you and I'm very proud of you. Please remember that somebody cares about you, okay? My messages are always open here!! but if i havent been online that much please message my ig @bloodyvampy <3 I love you alot..!! if you have been sad, have a bandaid for all your wounds!!!!! I'm proud of you.
I'm sorry.. I hope this made sense- waaah </3 I'm not good at words but I'm just hoping it did,,

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