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"...if i cant be by ur side :("
69 years old
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˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ interests

hii :3
to start off, i'm gonna post abt my interests! bc why not >_< ?!!
some of these i still love to death, some i dont love as much, and some ive slightly lost interest in :(
but tbh theyre all gonna be special to me no matter what :))

bunny girl senpai, love live!, bang dream, your lie in april, banana fish, kakegurui, haikyuu, rent a girlfriend, sailor moon, yuri on ice

music artists:
twenty one pilots, ariana grande, joji, clairo, conan gray, frank ocean, 100gecs, itzy, twice, melanie martinez, μ's, aqours, vocaloid (specifically rin and miku!)

video games:
nekopara (ofc), minecraft, doki doki literature club, love live school idol festival/all stars, emily is away, danganronpa, project diva/sekai, bandori, mystic messenger

mrbeast, kubz scouts, pewdiepie, karl jacobs, dream, georgenotfound, quackity, nihachu, wilbur soot, tommyinnit !!
so basically every mcyt at this point .. :p

this is kinda all over the place anywayzzzz :DD
thank u for reading <33

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