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"Elias my beloved <3"
Transgender Male
14 years old
United States
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dreams {again}

bruh some omnipotent god is goin wild on my dreams like one night im dreaming of some biblical plague maybe a pinch of them beetles from the arcana and the next im dreaming about a possible soulmate like shit make up ur mind. last night i lit had a dream that i was like still in 7th grade and like i was the same as i am now but like we were deadass in a whole apocalypse ion know if it even involved zombies i dont really remember but i remember i had a crush on this guy and it was a completely different guy from the last dream i had abt liking someone and this guy had like brown hair but the last guys hair was white and they were completely different whatever but this time the guys name was mentioned but i cant remeber the whole thing just that it started with N so like idk. god imagine having prophetical dreams about your soulmate 🙄 lame.

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dream smp

im down so low im tryna figure out where tf do i start watching the whole dreamspm shit like ik on yt but girl do i rlly have to sit thru 2-4 hour long videos ☠️



yall ever dream abt someone youve never met or like just some random person and in the dream ur either together or like you love each other and then wake up and have a phat crush on them cus same