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"~~expired bat~~"
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16 years old
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school :/

it's been almost two months since i switch to online learning and im already failing 4 classes!!!!!!!! ive been distracted by literally everything and idk how to control it. i dont wanna go back to onsite bc i get super overwhelmed there. tbh i dont feel like learning anything anymore :/ its been march for a year and im drained asf. i rlly dont want to disappoint my parents by taking summer school or even repeating 10th grade. idk what to do anymore.

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wtf is css???

for the past few days ive been trying to fix up my page. it requires a LOT of coding, in which i suck at. honestly i wish customizing ur own page is easy :/

if ur interested, pls help me!!!!!! im a newbie to css and i want to make my page to look as secksy as possible!!!

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lol looks like i havent updated in here for a while ;w;
online school still sux tho :/

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first blog!!!!

woah wowie this is odd!!! is this what my siblings witnessed before i was born???? n e ways, hi!!!!

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