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"Give me my happy meal"
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No cursing, no mean words (even if someone is mean to me, I’ll try to understand them), If you need help, I’ll be here!! If you need a friend ill reply slow sadly, so please be aware that I’m not going to reply in a second, and that I’ll try to best to help! Even if it’s homework lol I’ll try, just know that I’m in 9th grade- haha YOU ARE LOVED :DDDD

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Tips for if you are nauseous or scared

When you feel nauseous, everyone feels a different type of pain, and for me it’s pretty bad but can be treated easily. My symptoms are: Not being able to move too much, headache, weak on my stomach and acid feelings in throat. If you feel similar, I’m so sorry to hear that but here are some things you can do to let the pain cool down!!
If you CAN, get water and crackers/bread before it’s too late, have this play in your ears or on a speaker https://youtu.be/E8Ea159nx2g !! DO NOT LAY DOWN, instead sit down on your bed, two pillows on your back and make sure you are comfortable. If you like to draw, draw someone or thing to distract you. DO NOT BE ON YOUR PHONE, i know you probably want to talk to your friends but being on the screen will higher your chances of throwing up (from experience)! If you are hungry or thirsty, EAT OR DRINK SLOWLY, AND IN TINY BITS, if you do something too fast, you will just throw up faster. Don’t be scared to throw up if it is during the day, but when it’s night, for some reason it feels worse?? That’s just me, but everyone is different!! Be careful and stay safe!1!!

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