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h3llok1tty's Blog

"that's on you <3"
94 years old
United States
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Songs and Playlists that Empower Me

Literal Legend- Ayesha Erotica: https://youtu.be/rIYGd3gr-ck
Sweet Transvesetite- Tim Curry: https://youtu.be/pDKyj35ew0E
Faggot- Mindless Self Indulgence: https://youtu.be/Psl_5n8R23A
Lights Out- Mindless Self Indulgence: https://youtu.be/h8P73CQqkAw
Emo Boy- Ayesha Erotica: https://youtu.be/5SM28-RZkDU
Babooshka- Kate Bush: https://youtu.be/_mIPneHdqbQ
Outside!- Bubble Guppies Cast: https://youtu.be/0rWUPLF2eEM
The Cult of Dionysus- The Orion Experience: https://youtu.be/8ZcqaolcjUI
WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion- Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion: https://youtu.be/Wc5IbN4xw70
Playlist to listen to while waltzing with your enemy: https://youtu.be/A1OlqxAH3yw
My Axe- Insane Clown Posse: https://youtu.be/Z21PKvl_T_0
Molly- Mindless Self Indulgence: https://youtu.be/5dKCkDZBxpM
Hayloft- Mother Mother: https://youtu.be/8LvAiJYKoSM
Verbatim- Mother Mother: https://youtu.be/hviqB8-IEN0
Sex with a Ghost- Teddy Hyde: https://youtu.be/AGKcT5vlRkE
Two Trucks- Lemon Demon: https://youtu.be/om0lmExqKr4

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