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Captain Asthma's Blog

"don't underestimate traffic cops.. they scary"
14 years old
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talk with me B)

You can comment here and I'll be more likely to respond.

I can give a series of questions you can answer if you just wanna do that, it's fine.

◈ Nickname/Preferred name?
◈ Strangest thing that happened to you
◈ Funny stories?
◈If you had to become one character, what character would you be?
◈If you could change every username you had to something without it being taken, what would your username be?
◈If you could learn any language in the world what would it be?
◈If you were in Danganronpa, what would be your ultimate talent you could choose [not needing to be good at it in rl though.]
◈If you had to choose a team to be on in Haikyuu, what team would you choose?
◈Favourite MYCT?

You just need to answer one,but you can answer multiple if you want. And you can suggest questions for me to add.

You don't need to answer any questions, you can just vibe and talk with me if you want.