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"its okay to eat fish bc they dont have feelings-"
101 years old
United States
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kin list (ik ik...) <33

hi uhm yeah here are the concerning amount of characters i kin (and simp for)

  1. kenma kuzome {haikyuu} (simp for)
  2. L {death note} (simp for)
  3. ray {promsed neverland}
  4. izuku midoriya {bnha}
  5. tamaki amajiki {bnha} (simp for)
  6. shinso hitoshi {bnha} (simp for omfg rail me-)
  7. denki kaminari {bnha} (simp simp simp simp)
  8. bakugo katsuki {bnha} (simp for)
  9. toga himiko {bnha} (simp for)
  10. kokichi ouma {dangonronpa}
  11. zenitsu agatsuma {kny} (simp for)
  12. nezuko kamado {kny}
  13. runa yomozuki {kakegurui}
  14. yoonbum {killing stalking}
  15. midari {kakegurui}

ccs help me plz

uhm somebody teach me how tf im supposed to do this.
things i need help wiff:
-customizing the cursor
-adding gifs/images in the corner of the screen
-change the layout/color/text of the top bar thingy
and basically, anything else that could improve my page.
thankyouu :D - Gummi

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this is where ill recommend or take music recommendations !!
here are a lot of the bands i like other than the ones i mentioned b4 :pp
x MCR ofc
x Deftones
x matt maltese
x current joys
x arctic monkeys
x girl in red (in both ways lol)
x the front bottoms
x ricky montgomery
x sir chloe
x bon iver
x ciggarettes after sex
x lil peep
x paramore
x mother mother
x ghostemane

here is some of my awesome playlists lol
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAKpeoOmFylZz30XOBu_XOtGhEM20Aiy (not my emo phase-)
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAKpeoOmFylAszmFc2wafIEnX8-rhJvC (hell yeah)
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAKpeoOmFymFhV32gkk3l4aC1__O9bDk (songs to make u feel like the main character of a coming of age movie)
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAKpeoOmFykv7NGElwiRFKIv5JRoeK33 (songs that i scream cry too at 3am)
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHAKpeoOmFynw-dZE0ipWq28dSNekWFjI (horror core)

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